Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bead Kiln!

Actually, my kiln has not arrived yet and the dogs have fallen asleep, mainly because I am not getting up each and every time I hear a bark. I am now listening for the characteristic Fedex truck door slam. Of course, the Fedex site is quite coy about whether I am getting the delivery today or later. It says "out for delivery" on the site, but then it also says "Delivery for Next Business day". I am confused but I so want the kiln NOW that I am waiting at my desk, no earphones on, waiting and waiting. *sigh* GIB NOW!
The kiln I am getting has a little front door and the computer control is under the kiln, which means it is very trim and will take up very little space. I also fires up to cone 8 and does all of this very fast. I have already made beads and pendants in anticipation! My awesome sister funded this new addition to my studio! Many loves and hugs to her! I really needed one, if not only for beads but also for testing glazes and making small masterworks that are better off isolated from the occasional chaos of the big kiln.

Oh and the bead kiln needs a name. I will be thinking about it.


Anonymous said...

What is the other one's name? Probably should stay in the same theme!

From JK:
Wee Inferno of Doom

Song and Branch said...

I like inferno of doom. My big kiln has the esoteric name of drywgwyn - Welsh for blessed or white wren, since the wren is my mascot. Also because I found the abundance of w's amusing.

Still thinking of it. Probably I will hurt myself with it and name it ouch. Seems to be my pattern with equipment.