Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unloading Bisque!

Big run of bisque today, about 150 items or more (I didn't count every single little pendant).

Video with additional commentary by Namio the talkative australian shepherd >> There needs to be a sound editing tool called "mute dog".

Giant Ant Eater

What I am calling a spirit horse at the moment. Probably brought on by looking at Persian art.

He has a slippery expression :)

Fairy with roses

This goblin already has a name - Griselda
Overall pretty happy with the load with the exception of cracking drop plates, though I knew full well this might happen since I did not take care while drying them. Next time they will properly get to sit on the racks and do their thing in piece, rather than get put in the kiln too quickly. Still, the commissioned plates are fine.

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Madmud said...

That spirit horse is magnificent!