Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bird Watching and creation continues

Went to Discovery Park today and walked a mile or so with Namio dog and binoculars. I saw very few birds but I heard much more than I saw. Hearing birds and knowing them by voice is a pleasure, like hearing a secret language that others around you don't know.

Birds heard but not seen - Northern flicker, hairy woodpecker, Stellar Jay, Scrub Jay, chestnut backed chickadee, anna's hummingbird, bush tit, song sparrow, white crowned sparrow, winter wren, bewick's wren and one of my favorites of all time - a nuthatch with its silly neep neep neeep call.

I saw crows (of course), robins, red tailed hawk, black capped chickadee and English sparrow. In a shady area there were birds rattling in the dry leaves -  around here you think instantly of the towhee - so I was not that excited but decided to get a visual to confirm  (first clue that they weren't towhees - towhees have a very distinctive call and are fond of giving it). After moving around and crouching for a better view I saw some orange - again thought towhee but then everything snapped into focus - STRIPES of orange - a varied thrush. I adore these birds - they have a song that rises over  the morning chorus of the old growth forest around here - such an amazing song that I have used adjectives like 'transcendent, ringing, dreamy, incandescent, ethereal' to describe it. They are also beautiful and quite scarce around here, so what a pleasure to see them!

Really great photo of a varied thrush here and hear their song here. The only comment I have is that yes it is very loud song, but when it is heard with other songs, in the morning with the fog and forest canopy muffling it, there is no better music.

When I pulled up to my house there was a big ray of sunshine and a mixed flock of ruby crowned kinglets, golden crowned kinglets and bush tits were foraging around and under my rock rose. That was a nice treat!

Working on making more bowls and I also made a couple big platters - one engraved and one with sprigged on peacock feathers. The engraved one is still drying out and it has flattened a bit so I am considering boring holes in it to make it a wall hanging. Also, drop plates are on the agenda, as are small animal pendants.

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