Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Analog Tuesday and a half

I hang out on the Guild Wars 2 Guru forums on occasion. I particularly like the fan art forum and recently there have been art challenges. This week it is sea creatures. I had no intention of doing it, but then the image of a city being born along by a gigantic jellyfish occurred to me and I just had to draw it. Silly but, sometimes you just get an urge!

I did the piece in washes of gouache, followed up with details added in pen and ink. I then scanned it up and made a couple tweaks with photoshop (very few, tbh since I suck at PS). The monsters are my take on the aquatic species of skale that are common in the Guild Wars world.  

And last week's challenge was a guardian sylvari. Sylvari are plant people and the guardian is a type of fighting class in Guild Wars. I just couldn't not draw it. 

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