Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update! Kiln is Unloaded!

Opened up my kiln and everything turned out well. There was an exploded item but it was something that I had dropped shortly after sculpting, so hey - if a broken item explodes, did it really break? The piece is one of my large horses, the curves are still beautiful, so I am going to glaze it and add to the graveyard of pieces in the garden :) I am very excited about the fairy towers!

I played around with my little pink flip camera and put the videos up on my Youtube channel. I continue to be amazed at the sound quality and it does pretty well in lower light as well. The software that comes with the flip allows for primitive editing - some titles, credits and music over-dub plus a randomizing feature that enables you to condense a longer movie. Anyhow, I recommend it for the less gadget crazy among us who just want to tape a quick video and toss it in the purse or pocket for casual use.

Thanks everyone who has commented on the comics and who have enjoyed the videos I have put up so far. I'm shy but trying to get myself out there a bit. I am also working on a brand new revamped site using Drupal.

Also on these update blogs I want to include things that move or otherwise inspire. For music today, it is Loreena McKennitt, Dante's Prayer. Now, first I will admit that I have not listened to it for about six years because it makes me cry like a baby, but I just came across this live recording and the cello is just "oh".

For pottery it has to be ShyRabbit's wonderful yunomi, I just love it, that red coming out of a golden plain, the man is a master.

For the 'because I like it category' australian shepherds doing agility to Pearl Jam - especially for the lyric "my shadow comes with me".

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